• What are the requirements for the selection of energy storage batteries? Why Lithium Iron Phosphate is preferred? What are the requirements for the selection of energy storage batteries? Why Lithium Iron Phosphate is preferred? Sep 13, 2022
    The requirements of the energy storage power station determine what kind of lithium battery is the most suitable energy storage battery.   Generally speaking, the purpose of the application of energy storage power stations in the grid is important to consider load regulation, with new energy access, to make up for line losses, power compensation, improve power quality, isolated network operation, peak shaving and valley filling, and several other major functional applications.   For example: peak shaving and valley filling, improve the grid operating curve, to explain in layman's terms, energy storage power station is like a reservoir, you can take the surplus water stored in the low period of electricity, and then take it out when the peak of electricity, so as to reduce the waste of electricity; in addition, energy storage power station can also reduce line losses, new lines and equipment life.   What are the requirements for the selection of lithium-ion batteries for energy storage? As a storage power station with photovoltaic power generation access, to achieve peak shaving, load compensation and improve power quality applications, energy storage lithium-ion is a very important component that must meet the following requirements.   1, easy to achieve multi-mode combinations to meet higher operating voltage and larger operating current. 2, lithium iron phosphate ion battery capacity and performance of detectable and diagnosable, so that the control system can be achieved in anticipation of the battery capacity and performance of the power station load scheduling control. 3, high safety and reliability: under normal use, the normal service life of the battery is no less than 15 years; under the limit, even if a failure occurs, it is within the controlled range and should not explode, burn or other failures that endanger the safe operation of the power station. 4. good fast response and large multiplier charge/discharge capability, generally requiring 5-10 times charge/discharge capability. 5, higher charge and discharge conversion efficiency, easy to install and maintain, with good environmental adaptability, and a wider range of operating temperatures.   Lithium iron phosphate battery is used in power generation systems for energy storage with good results, as a large-capacity battery storage system technology, lithium iron phosphate battery is preferred.  

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